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Exciting News: I Have an Agent!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Very excited to be able to share this update… I have an agent! Miranda Paul at Erin Murphy Literary Agency will be representing my children's literary endeavors.

I’ve always loved kidlit, but the arrival of our two incredible human offspring helped reconnect me with my love for the genre. My kids have access to so many more books with representation of black children and our historical heroes than I ever did as an 80's baby, but there are still countless stories that need to be told.

As this past year has shown us, there is nothing like feeling like you are finally being seen. I want to write stories to help more children and families see themselves and their experiences normalized in print.

Thanks to anyone who has read one (or more!) of my manuscripts, listened to me wax poetic about my ideas, connected me to a friend on a similar journey, advocated for me, critiqued my work, encouraged my creativity… I could go on.

This is just a step in the process of getting my work to wider audiences, but trust me, it was not an easy one. It was filled with plenty of uncertainty, doubt, and rejection. Great for building character. ;-)

Excited to be on the next step of this journey, especially with such a dynamic agent (and accomplished author!) as my representative.

If one day one of my stories brings you or your family some sense of joy or comfort or validation, I will know I have done my job.

Thank you for your support.



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